Tensioned TK2 Tent
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Tensioned TK2 Tent

  • TK2 tents are designed & adhered to stringent quality control from the start of the designing stage to production. The quality & brand is well-maintained in the market by using quality materials as mentioned in the specification.
  • 1.6mm thickness rectangle steel hollow is used for the main frames & round hollow, 2.3mm thickness square steel hollow for the main outer columns.
  • Most importantly, the fabric is from HANA Korea 0.35mm thickness which makes it durable.
  • One of the key features, our tents can be transformed from TK2 tent to Pyramid tent by replacing designated parts. This will help customers to save more because it requires to replace the designated parts and fabric only.
  • All parts are adhered to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Easy to install & dismantle.
  • High quality canvas imported from HANA Korea.
  • Galvanized steel frames.

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